Diabetes Art Day: Draw the Line

This is the first time I have participated in Diabetes Art Day and it has been such a joy to be able to do so. I wouldn’t consider myself to be artistic in the paint-splattered-sense-of-the-word, but I do love scrapbooking. Many of my scrapbooks contain pictures and cut outs from magazines, and this has always been one of the ways that I let out my creative energy outside of writing. Attached are a few pictures, enjoy. My thought process behind this was around the concept of “drawing the line” between who we believe ourselves to be as consumed by needles and finger pokes, when we are in fact a whole person with attributes and quirky characteristics that set ourselves apart. It states “You are more than this…” with diabetes supplies, and underneath the line is “You’re…” accompanied with a variety of descriptive words including fearless and unique. I have been working lately on defining myself beyond a person with diabetes, and finding that person that lies within. This art piece represents that and I am proud of the statement it is making and the reminder it will serve in my life. When you’re doing looking at my pictures, make sure to check out everyone else’s submissions. There are some amazing ones! Happy Diabetes Art Day, and a special shout out to fellow diabetes advocate Lee Ann Thill for making this a reality for a third year!

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